method park on the rise

In the fiscal year 2002, method park Software AG increased its sales by 35 % to approximately 2.7 Mio. €. The number of staff was raised by 30 % to 36 employees.

The good result contrary to the trend in the sector is due to the expansion of the company's business segments. With the process and knowledge management system "project>kit“, method park has successfully put the second product line on the market. In the business segment "Training / Consulting", the seminar program could be extended from 23 to currently 30 seminars. For the first time it now includes the further education program „ASQF-Certified-Software- Architect“ and „ASQF-Certifed-Software-Project-Manager“.

„Despite the currently difficult business environment, method park was able to continue its upward trend. The successful strategy to invest in highly qualified personnel and to focus on methodical software engineering, will continue to secure the company's success in the future“, stresses the chairman of the board of method park Software AG, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel.

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