method park increases cooperation with ESI

The European Software Institute (ESI) is one of the biggest centers worldwide for software-process-improvement and is a leading authority in CMM® assessments in Asia, North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe. The Capability Maturity Model® (CMM) is the most important maturity model in software development around the globe.

method park software Inc. and ESI have been successful partners since 1998 and are going to further intensify their cooperation. This year further joint training sessions, workshops, manager seminars and assessments on the improvement of the software development process will be offered. In this way – from training to assessments – our customers can be sure to be coached by an internationally experienced partner. As a member of ESI@net method park software Inc. is eligible to offer its customers additional services and products from ESI, which for instance support the introduction of reforms aligned to CMM.

CMM describes the principles and practices underlying softwareprocess- maturity and supports IT enterprises in improving their software development processes. Activities for improvement aligned to maturity models such as CMM are in many cases already a precondition to international business connections in the automobile industry. Of special interest at present are information and orientation guides on the new model CMM-Integrated (CMMISM), which constitutes a further development of CMM.

"As a provider of trainings and consulting on the use of methods and tools in software development, the cooperation with ESI is of very great importance to method park. The expansion of this partnership is also an expression of the reputation we have gained,” stresses method park CEO Prof. Bernd Hindel.

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