method park Announces New Product Releases

method park Software Inc. announces the immediate sales release of OO>C’s 2.2 version. The ANSI-C code generator OO>C was designed especially to be employed in embedded systems, and allows the use UML the smallest systems as well. With the new version the graphic user interface was improved, and the generated code can be optimized further by

> code optimization based on design patterns (Singleton patterns)

> automatic v-table optimization as well as

> generation of optimized state tables.

In addition, a pre-release is planned: project kit and method kit will become one. The incorporation of the web-based method construction kit, which has been tried and tested in practice for a number of years, and the project portal project kit will be available as a pre-release by mid May. The sales release will be in late May. The user is thus able to individually adapt and view his development processes. This results in an individualized information, process and knowledge management system for software development, allowing to view the current status of the project at any time.

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