Method Park and new founded Process Fellows GmbH collaborate

Process management for medium-sized companies in the automotive industry


The automotive industry can only master its challenges with efficient processes. This particularly applies to medium-sized suppliers. To address the needs of these medium-sized companies even more specifically, the Process Fellows GmbH was founded at the end of March. Method Park and Process Fellows plan a cooperative collaboration.

The Process Fellows GmbH now offers its expertise in sustainable process management particularly for medium-sized companies in the German automotive industry. Suppliers and second-tier companies characterize the landscape of the most important German industrial sector and need support by process experts, just like OEMs and first-tier companies, to successfully compete on the future market. This is exactly what the portfolio of Process Fellows GmbH offers.

In the future, Method Park Consulting GmbH, the market-leading company for process consulting, can focus on the implementation of its strategy on sustainable support for the Fortune Global 500 of the automotive industry.

The consulting services of Process Fellows GmbH strategically complement the consulting of the Method Park group so that both companies will cooperatively collaborate.

The automotive industry is undergoing one of the most radical changes since the innovation of the automobile. Megatrends such as connected cars, IoT or autonomous driving will change the business models of manufacturers and their suppliers from scratch.

These challenges can only be mastered with efficient and effective processes. Therefore, the automotive industry needs strong partners who not only offer realizable solutions, but also contribute to standardization bodies or the training of assessors. Method Park achieved an excellent reputation in this sector and is globally considered as market leader in the above-mentioned process topics. The consulting company successfully shifts emphasis to large-scale customer projects with the largest systems/software providers and their premium suppliers.

However, many medium-sized companies – not only in the automotive industry – stand at the beginning with the management of software engineering, digitalization and further trends, and urgently need support. Conditions and mindsets of the key persons there often differ from those in large companies; they require a great deal of experience with people and a strong focus on business models and processes. The Process Fellows have the specialist knowledge on processes and the required soft skills to offer professional and future solutions particularly for medium-sized companies.

About Method Park
Method Park is specialist for innovative software and systems engineering in the safety-critical environments of the medical and automotive industries. Method Park’s portfolio includes consulting and engineering services, a comprehensive training program and the process management tool “Stages”. Method Park was founded in 2001. On a worldwide basis, the company has coached its customers on process optimization, compliance to industry-specific standards and legal regulations. It has also consulted on the management of projects, products and quality assurance. Method Park offers a practice-based training program on all current topics of software and systems engineering. Method Park offers training at its locations in Germany and other European countries, the US and Asia. With “Stages”, Method Park offers an individually customizable process management tool which supports its users on the definition, communication and application of complex processes. The company group has locations in Erlangen, Frankfurt on the Main, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart as well as in Detroit, Miami and Pittsburgh in the US. With around 170 employees, Method Park generated an operative turnover of about 16 million euros in 2017.

About Process Fellows
With its process experts, Process Fellows particularly supports medium-sized companies to develop professional and future solutions in the environment of Automotive SPICE®, functional safety as well as classic and agile project management. The company was founded in 2018 and offers its customers worldwide coaching, consulting and training services while its focus is not limited to the automotive industry since further industries and disciplines have to deal with comparable process standards due to electrification and autonomous driving as well.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Christina Ohde-Benna, PR-Assistant
Method Park Holding AG, Wetterkreuz 19a, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

Bernhard Sechser, Managing Director
Process Fellows GmbH, Schlegelleithe 8, 91320 Ebermannstadt, Germany
Tel. +49 173 388 2055

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