method park and imbus announce sales partnership

method park Software AG and imbus AG will soon be closely connected by a cooperation in sales. Reason being the product release of imbus TestBench at SQM/ICSTEST congress, from April 2-4 in Cologne, and the announcement of the new product release 2.2 of method park project>kit for May 2003.

imbus TestBench is an integrated development environment for software tests. It is platform-independent and offers consequent, continuous tool support in every phase of the testing process. All test relevant information is collected and processed by testing teams in the imbus TestBench.

Various testing robots, e.g. for component and integration test, automated GUI test or embedded test can be accessed from it. imbus TestBench allows already developed testing procedures to be reused and thus to significantly reduce the duration of testing cycles.

method park project>kit is an adaptable process- and project management system for software development. The project>kit portal technology allows webbased access to information from the development process and current projects. Release 2.2 of method park project>kit includes a tailoring assistant, allowing the user a controlled compilation of project specific development processes. Apart from that, the new release provides for a hierarchic definition of workflows, so that the modelling of detailed work instructions and procedures can be supported.

Heavily improved process modelling and navigation enable the user to arrive at every project and process information in a matter of a few clicks.

method park and imbus had already cooperated within the limits of a seminar partnership and joint seminar brochure. method park software AG chairman, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, and imbus AG chairman, Tilo Linz, commented on the extended cooperation to sales: “The products of method park and imbus complement one another. A cooperation in sales rounds off the product portfolio of both companies, which allows both of us to make an even more attractive offer to our customers. The resulting synergy effects are strengthing both companies.”

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