method park aids Hubert-Schwarz-Foundation

method park Software AG, located in Erlangen Tennenlohe, assists the Hubert-Schwarz-Foundation with a project for children in Romania. On the occasion of the company's Christmas celebration on Friday, 20th December, a check for 1500 Euro was handed over to Hubert Schwarz, founder of the Hubert-Schwarz-Foundation and extreme sports athlete.

The Franconian, who was born in Spalt near Nuremberg, has repeatedly made headlines with his extreme records. He has crossed and surrounded Australia, completed all of the world's five Ironmen and cycled around the earth in 80 days. During his travels, he encountered a lot of squalor and misery. With his foundation he thus wishes to open up new opportunities particularly for children.

method park Software AG aids Mr. Schwarz in his efforts to give a new home to 75 orphans in the Romanian village of "Ocna Sugatac". The project was developed jointly by the Hubert-Schwarz-Foundation and the Kriegskindernothilfe e.V. (Children of War Emergency Aid Association) in Roth.

The chairman of the board of method park Software AG, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, comments: "with its commitment to the project, method park wants to meet the company's responsibilities for people endowed with fewer opportunities. With his projects, Hubert Schwarz demonstrates very impressively how many people's lives can be improved in an immediate and sustainable way."

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