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The first “ASQF® Certified-Software Project Manager” seminar takes places at method park in Erlangen on March 24. This makes method park the first seminar provider to offer the training created by the ASQF.

The training consists of several modules. The first module, the foundation level, is a four-day seminar followed by an exam. The curriculum is developed by independent experts from all over Germany. As Dr. Jürgen Schmied, managing director of method park and head of the task force, emphasizes, the contents of the training and the qualification are compatible to existing standards. Topics are, among others, project organization, planning and control, risk management, and maturity models. The seminar provider independently carries out the exam via the ASQF.

The “ASQF® Certified-Software Project Manager” qualification program is the second in the ASQF Certified series that method park can offer as part of its seminar program. Together with the “ASQF-Certified Architect” it complements an extensive seminar program focusing centered around software development.

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