"ASQF-Certified-Architect" training immediately available

Erlangen - method park Software AG is the first company in Bavaria to offer a training course for the ASQF-Certified-Architect. The training consists of several elements. The first element, the Foundation Level, is carried out as 4 days of training followed by an examination. The curriculum of the further education concept for software architects was developed according to international standards by a team of experts from all over Germany. It encompasses tasks, methods, techniques and technologies for the design of software architecture.

“The ASQF-Certified-Architect is an indispensable qualification for any software developer, since, for the success of software projects, extensive awareness about their architecture is essential. method park now offers IT-specialists the opportunity to complete the first step of the training as a specialist for software architecture", Torsten Posch, chairman of method park Software AG, points out.

The new qualification program complements method park's extensive seminar program, which includes seminars on subject areas like for instance quality and process management, project and requirement management or object orientation and UML.

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