4Minitz: Method Park supports development of web app for meeting reports

Method Park employees have developed a web application for the uncomplicated, efficient and professional creation of meeting reports. 4Minitz is an open-source application for the installation in company intranets. For the last months, Method Park employees have supported this personal initiative.

In numerous customer projects, Method Park employees personally experienced how important detailed documentation of project meetings has become. Meeting reports gather information on project status, solution approaches, decisions and tasks. Those reports inform absent employees and all project team members and remind them of adopted decisions.

The classical report methods such as paper and pencil, report emails or Word/Excel documents have many disadvantages. 4Minitz avoids those disadvantages by taking advantage of the dynamic character of web applications.

With 4Minitz, every registered user can invite others to meetings and send the relevant agenda with only one click. During the meeting, information and tasks are reported and, if necessary, files can be attached to the report. Changes to the report are transferred to all logged-in users “in real-time”. At the end of a meeting, the report including tasks is sent to all participants with only one click. The specific advantage of 4Minitz is the agenda of the upcoming meeting which automatically populates with all open topics and tasks from the last meeting so no task falls into oblivion.

There already are some web-services which allow the creation of meeting reports within the cloud, but users of those services cannot be certain whether internal information of reports do not fall externally into the wrong hands (cybersecurity). Also whether service providers have a good backup strategy for cases of data loss. For this reason, 4Minitz has been developed for the installation on in-house servers of organizations. Every administrator can exit the server component within only few minutes in the company’s intranet. Users do not have to install any software - 4Minitz can be used via the web browser.

Dr. Wolfram Eßer, initiator of 4Minitz, is very proud of this project: „We have developed 4Minitz in over 2,500 hours of work since open-source communities and interested organizations are eager to provide the missing tool for daily project work.” Dr. Martin Geier, CEO of Method Park Engineering GmbH, explains why Method Park has participated in this project: “Method Park absolutely wanted to support the 4Minitz team – we were able to solve a problem every organization has.”

The program source-code of 4Minitz is open. Every software developer is able to review and improve it. 4Minitz can be downloaded via for free and a short video delivers a first impression of the tool features. 4Minitz is now used in Germany and further 13 countries such as the US, India and New Zealand.

The name 4Minitz is derived from the English term “minutes” for “minutes of a meeting”: 4Minitz is “Fo(u)r The Minutes”.

About Method Park
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