VDA Automotive SYS 2018 in Nauen/Berlin in June

This year, the VDA Automotive SYS takes place for the eighth time. Method Park Principal Consultant Bernhard Sechser is member of the program committee and Method Park joins the accompanying exhibition with its booth again, as in the previous years.

“Quality, Safety and Security for Automotive Software-based Systems” is the motto of this year’s VDA Automotive SYS which takes place from June 13 to 15 in Nauen, near Berlin. The presentations are divided into three parallel sessions:

• Process and management session: quality, functional safety and security management
• Methodology session: risk, safety and security analysis and assessments
• Technical session: embedded safety and security

Among other topics, the conference focuses on the changes in Automotive SPICE® version 3.1, safety of the intended functionality (SOFIT), and assurance of software quality in agile development.

The first conference day offers individual workshops, while keynotes and presentations on the second conference day are complemented by a panel discussion and an evening event with a joint dinner.

During all three conference days, participants have the opportunity to get informed about services and products of well-known companies in the accompanying exhibition. The Method Park team presents the new version of its process management software “Stages” in a live demo at its booth and informs about the service portfolio of Method Park consultants and engineers. The Method Park team looks forward to having great discussions with conference participants on the key topics of VDA Automotive SYS, like the recent changes in Automotive SPICE® V3.1 and the corresponding guidelines, published in the Blue-Gold Edition.

The tickets for each conference day can be separately booked online.

June 13 – 15, 2018

Landgut Stober
Behnitzer Dorfstraße 27-31
D-14641 Nauen


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