The new Automotive SPICE® Duo – PAM 3.1 + VDA Guideline - Talk in the Park

In March, “Talk in the Park” focuses on the updated Automotive SPICE® version 3.1, released in November 2017, and the relating guideline recently released by the VDA as so-called Blue/Gold Edition.

OEMs in the automotive industry require compliance to the Automotive SPICE® standard from their suppliers. The capability of development processes for software and systems in automobiles is assessed with this standard.

To further improve objectivity and comparability of assessment performance and its results, a working group of VDA set up an additional guideline of almost 300 pages, which should be considered for future assessments.

The advantages and disadvantages of the guideline and what influence it will have on assessments is outlined and discussed in this presentation, together with the participants of “Talk in the Park”.


Bernhard Sechser works at Method Park as a principal consultant for SPI and Safety. His work focuses on consulting and training on such topics as functional safety, software and system development processes, implementation of process improvement projects and SPICE assessments. Bernhard Sechser is an intacs™ Principal Assessor and Instructor (SPICE and Automotive SPICE®) and an ASQF® Certified Professional for Project Management as well as an ISTQB® Certified Tester – Foundation Level and an iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level.


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