.NET Day Franken 2018 in Nuremberg in April

Modern, professional software development is the key topic of the .NET Day Franconia. Method Park is gold sponsor of this event. Method Park engineers join the discussions and speak about the everyday work life of a software engineer.

On April 27 and 28, the .NET Day takes place in Nuremberg. The connected workshop day (April 27) is completely booked out. On the conference day (April 28), 15 presentations in three tracks focus on over 25 technologies. The keynote highlights chances and risks of blockchains.

Christoph Menzel and Frank Blendinger of Method Park are two of the speakers: “Software engineering through the eyes of a role playing gamer“  (April 28, 04:35 p.m. in track 3). In their presentation, which the participants can interactively shape, they present typical everyday situations in software development and show possible effects of individual decisions on the further development of a project, including the connected technical and organizational aspects and the soft skills of engineers.

In addition to workshops and presentations, discussions and networking are in the main focus of the .NET Day. The accompanying exhibition is the platform for this where Method Park has its booth.

April 27 - 28, 2018

Le Méridien Grand Hotel
Bahnhofstraße 1-3
D-90402 Nürnberg

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