Jazz (IBM) & ALM - How to orchestrate complex Software and Systems Development

The development of modern, software-based systems is particularly challenging. The complex structure of interacting system components and the integration of software for their smooth interaction, the multitude of requirements and necessary tests, the implementation of architecture and the management of required variants are just a few examples of the tasks faced by software and system development today.

Compliance with guidelines for process maturity or product safety is additionally required, particularly in regulated industries.

If the development team is furthermore distributed regionally or internationally, the complexity of development coordination additionally increases.

Status reports providing information on all project processes at regular intervals are very important here. The IBM Jazz platform offers an end-to-end solution that helps recording and managing all these aspects of complex development activities. Traceability, project planning and tracking, requirements, test, and model management, software development including configuration, and variant management are key functionalities of this development platform, while process conformity is also mapped.

This presentation gives details and explains the application possibilities IBM Jazz offers its users.

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