In chains - What is a blockchain?

An increasing number of devices around us is interconnected so they can exchange information more and more autonomously. This trend continues, and today’s transaction systems are enormously challenged – particularly by the exchange of not only information but also ownership between two parties or forgery-proof evidence that an event occurred at a specific point in time.

A possible solution approach for this challenge, called Blockchain, recently becomes increasingly popular. This relatively new technology will probably change our lives during the next years, just as the internet did, 20 years ago. 

But what is the buzzword Blockchain about? What are the differences to the well-established data processing systems? Which potential does this technology have, to fundamentally change business processes in industries or public administration? This presentation outlines the most important terms of the topic “Blockchain” at the current state of the art technology and discusses specific application options in medical technology. Based on examples, it demonstrates which parts already exist or will be implemented soon. 

However, this is a very young technology: many questions are still unanswered and technical key problems unsolved. Conclusively, the presentation adresses the most urgent questions and outlines the risks which have to be taken into account for the application of Blockchain technology. 


Dr. Tobias Kästner is Method Park Expert Engineer for Agile systems engineering on the Internet of Things. He supports customers on the digital transformation and consults on the selection of appropriate technologies for the implementation of digital and networked medical devices. Tobias Kästner gives courses and training on the application of Agile methods in software and hardware development. He is particularly interested in topics such as Blockchain and IT security. Tobias Kästner is Certified Professional for Medical Software® and trained Scrum Master.



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