ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen in December 2017

The ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen celebrates its anniversary this year. Software engineers from the German-speaking world meet there for the tenth time at the beginning of December to present and discuss current trends in modern electronics development. Method Park joins this conference and its program for the sixth time.


“Architecture variants of safety-critical real-time systems: Systematically determining safe and affordable solutions” is the title of the presentation held by Method Park Expert Consultant Dr. Ulrich Becker. He will present on December 6, at 03:45 p.m. Together with two co-presenters, he will demonstrate consistent approaches from safety analysis over functional architecture, to technical architecture. A realistic ‘pedestrian protective system’ from the automotive environment, serves as a practical example.

The Embedded Software Engineering Kongress is the only German-language convention that focuses on the challenges of developing system software for industrial applications. This includes automobile electronics, communication systems, consumer electronics and medical devices. The event is divided into three separately bookable conference days (December 5 to 7). Before and after, on December 4 and 8, additional compact workshops take place. On December 5 and 6, the conference hosts, editors of the German magazine “Elektronik Praxis” from the German publisher Vogel Verlag and MicroConsult, invite to join the evening program.

04.12.17- 08.12.17

Congress Center Stadthalle Sindelfingen
Schillerstr. 23
D-71065 Sindelfingen

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