Engineering Process Transformation driven by Use Cases

Organizations usually try to change their development and production processes with process improvement initiatives. Acceptance for those processes among employees can be very low since these processes are often developed with focus on requirements of quality and maturity models while the perspective of process users is often forgotten. The “use case analysis” approach known from software development can support process improvement initiatives in process definition, process verification and process validation. Using this approach helps ensure efficient processes and will support the practitioner. With the analysis of typical problems and actual use cases, processes can be developed which represent effective improvement for organizations.

In his presentation, Dr. Jürgen Schmied demonstrates how to apply the use case driven approach to optimize engineering organizations.

About the Speaker

Dr. Jürgen Schmied is the CEO of Method Park Consulting GmbH and pools together the consulting services of the Method Park group for all customer sectors. He is a specialist for SPICE and project management, author of several books on these topics and instructor for assessor training.


Detroit 02/27/2018 - 6:30 p.m.

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