ASQF Quality Brunch in January 2019 in Potsdam

What to pay attention to and what to avoid for the introduction of Scrum? The ASQF Quality Brunch, at the end of January in Potsdam, answers these questions. Method Park Principal Consultant Dr. Tobias Maier presents the risks which are connected to “mastery”, a fundamental value of the lean-agile mindset.

Does the transition from the v-model-based to the agile approach in development decrease quality? The ASQF Professional Groups Automotive and Software Test of the region Berlin-Brandenburg invite all those interested to join their first Quality Brunch.

Dr. Tobias Maier of Method Park shares his field experiences: (Fr)agile Mastery – The best parts do not result in the best ensemble.

From his abstract: “Mastery” is a fundamental value of the lean-agile mindset (pursue perfection). It focuses on becoming the best – not on being the best. However, this value might be misinterpreted by the top management levels of organizations. This presentation shows how this error in reasoning affects particularly process and product quality.

After the presentation, the participants can exchange their experiences in the Open Space and in the relaxed atmosphere offered by a group brunch.

Participation is open to anyone who is interested. For ASQF members, participation is for free; non-members pay an expense contribution of 45 euros. The organizers kindly ask all interested to register via the ASQF website.

January 26, 2019; 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

AWO Kulturhaus Babelsberg
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 135
14482 Potsdam, Germany


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