ASQF Professional Group Meeting Automotive Berlin in July 2018

The ASQF professional group for automotive Berlin/Brandenburg invites everyone to join their next meeting on July 12. Lukas Schmaus of Model Engineering Solutions gives a presentation on a formal method for requirement specification.

In his presentation, Lukas Schmaus introduces the audience to MARS. MARS enables an automatic “translation” of requirements into realizable assessment functions. MARS requirements can be used for the entire process since they are easy to read for everyone. The presentation demonstrates how this specification method targets consistency and transparency during evaluations, assessments, checks, and test case generation. MARS stands for MTest Assessable Requirements Syntax and has been integrated into the MES Test Manager® (MTest) since 2018.

The professional group meeting is open to everyone; participation is free of charge. On behalf of the ASQF, the professional group leader Heiko Zastrau, Principal Consultant at Method Park, asks participants to register via the ASQF website.

July 12, 2018, 6:00 p.m.

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