ASQF Digital Meeting on AI in November 2020

ASQF invites interested participants to its next online meeting. On November 17, two Method Park Senior Software Engineers present functional safety in AI-based systems.

Artificial intelligence is a technology trend of the 21st century and has arrived in the development of safety-relevant systems where various safety standards play a significant role. These safety standards define specific processes and methods for the development of products, ensuring the safety of the products. When AI is integrated into these products, processes cannot guarantee the safety purpose of these standards in all aspects.

In their online presentation, Christian Lederer and Florian Gabsteiger from Method Park explain how to transfer safety concepts from traditional development to the new context and which safety aspects require entirely new approaches.

Your participation in this presentation is free of charge, but the organizer asks for prior registration.

11/17/20 | 6:00 PM


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