ASQF Agile Brunch in Nuremberg in December 2018

Experience the agile umbrella: Does it always have to be Scrum? The next Agile Brunch demonstrates alternative agile methods. Method Park will present the ‘User Story Mapping’.

In December, the ASQF Specialist Group Franconia again invites all interested participants to join the Agile Brunch in Nuremberg. In two successive blocks are presented in parallel, alternatives for Scrum among other popular methods such as Kanban, XP, Lean or Lean StartUp and more exotic alternatives such as DSDM, FDD or Crystal. The Method Park Software Engineers Alexander Neng and Simon Schmitt will demonstrate how the User Story Mapping works.

From their abstract: The agile umbrella consists of individual methods such as Scrum or Kanban. However, these approaches only deal with requirements indirectly. An example: What is the difference between a user story and a requirement? How to get an overview of our product, without neglecting the details? How to involve all project team members? These questions will be answered with a new method: The User Story Mapping. In a common simulation, we will

  • develop a morning routine
  • discuss alternatives
  • re-organize processes
  • tackle deadlines
  • investigate the past
  • explore the future
  • change the perspective
  • need a lot of post-it’s

The result? A new method in our agile repertoire, which is as intuitive as it is brilliant.

The participation of the Agile Brunch is free for ASQF members and students. Non-members will have to pay a fee of 45 euros. Under the leadership of David Uhlenberg (Method Park), the ASQF Specialist Group Agility, asks you to register for the event via its website

December 1, 2018, 09:00 a.m. - 01:00 p.m.

NOVINA Hotel Südwestpark
Südwestpark 5
90449 Nuremberg


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