Anitra Eggler at Talk in the Park

Are you still emailing, or are you already working again? Are you going to sleep with your smartphone? Do you go to bed with your Facebook "friends" more often than with your partner?

Decelerate your life, reduce stress, get rid of your mobile phone dependency, stop your constant reachability! Start using your mobile phone and the web smartly, and finally improve your kissing rate again! After this presentation, you will know how to achieve this. Anitra Eggler offers you simple ways to get off the digital hamster wheel and delivers proven digital detox tips to live a life without floods of emails and smartphone zombies. Brutally honest, exceptionally charming, and throughout effective: Anitra's stage event calls for digital self-defense. It is a plea to mix your online and offline life smartly, and a valuable impulse for more lifetime and happiness, for more success and fun at work!


The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF describes Anitra Eggler as "the most sought-after female voice on the risks and side effects of digitalization". Anitra Eggler is a bestselling author, internet veteran, and digital detox pioneer. As a lecturer, she is one of the most popular speakers of our time. With over 100 tips, her current bestseller, "Mail halten!" (Keep your mail shut!), helps to get the best out of digitalization and to enjoy an analogue life smartly.


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