Advanced Developers Conference C++ in Munich, May 2017

ppedv AG hosts the next conference on C++ development, with Visual Studio in Munich on March 16 and 17. Two Method park engineers are among the 22 speakers of ADC++.


“Soft skills – only for chatterboxes?!” is the title of the presentation held by Christoph Menzel on the first conference day at 4:40 p.m. (room 1). Additionally, he and Lutz Marquardt will talk about everyday life situations in software development in their interactive presentation on May 17 at 2:00 p.m. (room 2).

The ADC++ conference is a spinoff of the Advanced Developers Conference which focuses on C++ and Visual Studio and took place for the first time in 2011. Since then, C++ developers, representatives of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, tool producers and experts from the entire industry meet there. An additional evening event offers the opportunity to network.

May 16 to 17, 2017

Microsoft Headquarters
Walter-Gropius-Straße 5
D-80807 Munich


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