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Testing Embedded Systems

Categories Test & Quality Assurance

General Information
2 Days

In this seminar you will learn why and how the testability of embedded software must be taken into consideration early on during system design. You will learn which testing procedures are particularly suitable for which types of errors. You will practice techniques for automating testing for embedded systems. Upon completion of the seminar, you will be able to establish and apply the testing strategies you learned successfully in your own projects.

  • Introduction to structured testing
    • Testing versus debugging
    • Test planning and test specification
    • Testing procedures in the software development process
    • Test protocols, test case management
    • Configuration management and testing
    • Project management, test management
  • Test creation and testing strategies
    • Requirements and test cases
    • Equivalence classes, limit value analysis
    • Structure testing (coverage metrics, control flow oriented testing)
    • Test end criteria
    • Black box testing versus white box testing
  • Improving the interaction between developing and testing
    • Requirements and test cases
    • Using software metrics and static analysis
  • Test-oriented development process
    • Testing real embedded systems
    • Regression tests
    • Case studies of tests of embedded software
Target audience
  • Software designers, software architects, software testers, software developers
  • Experience with the development of embedded systems

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