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Scrum Condensed

Categories Agile & Project Management

General Information
1 Day

This course is about basic concepts of the agile product management framework Scrum. In addition, techniques and practices from other agile methods will be introduced and demonstrated how they fit within in the Scrum framework.You will get an overview of the roles of Scrum. Artifacts such as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Burndown Charts, will be explained as well as typical activities.

  • Introduction to agile methods
  • Scrum roles
    • Product Owner – responsible for the project
    • Scrum Master – the coach and enabler
    • Development Team – those who develop the product
  • Artifacts
    • Product Backlog – list of prioritized user stories or requirements
    • Sprint Backlog – list of tasks for planning and tracking
    • Burndown Charts – tracking progress
    • Artifacts from other agile methods
  • Activities
    • Sprint Planning
    • Release Planning
    • Sprint Review for acceptance of sprint results
    • Retrospective for improvement of working procedures
    • Using activities from other agile methods
  • Requirements management
    • Inception Phase
    • User Stories for requirements definition
    • Using Epics and Features
Target audience
  • Project managers, project employees, software designers, software architects, software testers, software developers, quality managers, system analysts, principals of software projects
  • Experience in software and product development

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