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Quality Assurance in Software and System Development

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General Information
2 Days

This seminar teaches you the basics of quality assurance in software and system development. The contents are adapted to those who define, plan and implement quality measures in projects (e.g. quality managers and quality assurance specialists).

The seminar provides you with the knowledge required to write good quality manuals, define metrics and implement reviews. In addition, you will learn about and discuss everyday issues facing those responsible for quality.

You will be introduced to various procedures with which the quality specialist can constructively support the implementation of software and system projects. Furthermore, you will gain insight into quality assurance methods in agile software development.

Finally, you will be provided with helpful tips as to how you, as a quality specialist, can motivate those involved in software and system projects to achieve higher quality.

  • Basics of quality assurance
  • Role of quality managers and quality assurance specialists and their tasks in software and system projects
  • Organization of the quality assurance team and integration into the project structure
  • Procedure for quality planning and its significance
  • How to create a good manual for quality assurance tasks
  • Types and selection of quality measures according to your project goals
  • Various types of reviews and their application in the project
  • Quality assurance with SPICE
  • Preparation of SPICE assessments
  • Methods of quality assurance in agile projects (Scrum)
  • Quality status reports to various levels of management
  • How to use metrics for quality measurement in the project
  • Role of quality assurance in process improvement (process roll-out and process feedback)
Target audience
  • Quality managers / Quality assurance specialists in software and system projects
  • None


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