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Process Modeling in Complex Situations

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General Information
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The main challenges in modeling engineering processes are caused by the complexity of the products we are building today.

This workshop provides best practices for process modeling to deal with these complexities. It also provides space for discussing specific challenges of the workshop participants.

All best practices can be demonstrated in Stages on request.

The training is also available in English. Please see all dates listed below.

  • How to digitalize process information into process models?
    • Understand the functionality of the meta-model
    • Markup the process documents to align with the meta-model elements
    • Import process data from other tools
  • How to align the processes?
    • To structure your processes into an architecture
    • Understand the functionality of process interfaces
    • dentify missing interfaces
    • Eliminate incorrect interfaces
  • Non-functional requirements for customer satisfaction
    • The nine categories of non-functional requirements
    • Reduce review efforts by focusing on the importance
    • Process review automation
Target audience
  • Process Managers
  • Process Engineer/Modelers
  • Process Owners

  • Are you also interested in learning more about process releases? The workshop Step-by-step to Controlled Process Releases offers you valuable insights!
Your benefit:
  • The workshops will take place one after the other so you can attend both of them.
  • Basic understanding of process management
Further information
  • English course materials are used.

  • Duration: Two 90-minute sessions (+ break)

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