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Hands-on Workshop on User Experience (UX)

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General Information
2 Days

Good usability and a positive user experience (UX) are the key factors for successful products. Developing products without consideration of user requirements, however, sooner or later leads to unsatisfied or rejecting users. This, in turn, results in competitive disadvantages for companies. Excellent software products can only be developed in dialogue with its future users and by considering the entire context of use.

The topics of this two-day UX training can focus on each individual phase of user centered product development: from the analysis, over conception, to implementation and testing. You can choose your preferred training content from the list of possible focus areas (see “contents”). Together with the trainer and based on your specific expectations and requirements, we set the agenda of your individual UX training. In this hands-on workshop, held by professionally experienced trainers, you become familiar with the theoretical basics, can test the learnt methods in practical exercises and learn how to apply them in your projects.


Choose, amongst others, from the following key topics for your training:

  • usability & user experience (UX)
  • definition of usability & user experience (UX)
  • software- and hardware-relevant ISO standards connected to usability/UX
  • overview of individual development methods
  • user centered design (UCD)
  • research & interpretation (understanding, recording, prioritization of requirements)
  • context and requirements analysis (goals & methods)
  • user requirements
  • potential user groups (personas)
  • overview of possible methods for requirements engineering (interview, process and workflow analysis)
  • ideation (concept & design)
  • design basics (user centered design)
  • design criteria
  • design laws
  • methodical generation of design ideas
  • types of prototypes
  • prototyping tools
  • evaluation (prototyping & testing)
  • heuristic evaluation (expert review)
  • evaluation & classification of usability problems
  • overview of individual heuristics and usability criteria
  • analysis of previously clearly defined storylines/usage scenarios (cognitive walkthrough)
  • usability do’s & don’ts
  • discussion of basic usability do’s & don’ts
  • “usability consulting”: common ad hoc reviews based on examples
Target audience
  • designers, developers, conceptionists, project managers, product owners
  • with and without experience in usability/user experience

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