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Hands-on Workshop on Qt/QML

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General Information
2 Days

With Qt and QML, platform-independent and performant user interfaces for Windows, iOS and Android are configurable on a reasonable efforts basis. This workshop consists of concepts and methods for interface programming with Qt and QML including an overview of QML basics, UI interaction and Qt quick controls. The interaction of QML and C++ code and further topics from the Qt library are communicated.

Half of the workshop consists of practical exercises in which contents are deepened and communicated. You have the chance to learn and practice learned contents with specific examples.

After this workshop, you have the opportunity to book several follow-up coaching days, in which the trainer will focus on specific challenges you face, when applying the methods acquired in our course. You will have the chance to deepen your understanding of specific contents.

  • OML basics
  • Qt widgets basics
  • QML UI interactions
  • Animations and reactivity
  • Qt quick controls
  • QML components
  • Integration of C++ and QML
  • Own C++/QML components
  • Model/view concept and data display
  • Qt plugins
  • Internationalization
Target audience
  • Software developers
  • Experience in C++ is helpful


If you have questions about our training center, feel free to call us!

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