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Hands-on Workshop on Machine Learning

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General Information
2 Days

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important topics which have found their way into most industrial sectors. With machine learning, success has most recently been achieved in fields such as autonomous driving, medical image processing or material testing.

Due to the rapid development, it is very likely that the application of machine learning will constantly expand to other industries and scenarios, so for many organizations it is inevitable to deal with the foundations of this topic. They will remain future-oriented with innovative products and processes only. This, however, becomes a major challenge due to the sheer mass of available information on artificial intelligence. The Method Park hands-on workshop addresses this challenge: in a compact form, it offers an overview of theory and practice in machine learning. With this knowledge, you are perfectly prepared to integrate the vast potential of artificial intelligence in your future product portfolio or supply chain.

This workshop is very practice-oriented. Half of the workshop consists of practical exercises on a consistent topic. You will also learn about relevant processes and methods of machine learning while the focus is on artificial neural networks – the basis for deep learning.

  • Introduction of the terms machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, …
  • Presentation of technologies applied during the workshop, such as TensorFlow or Keras
  • Landscape of machine learning methods
    • Supervised learning
    • Unsupervised learning
    • Reinforcement learning
  • Biological motivation of neural networks
  • Single-layer neural networks (perceptrons)
    • From biological to artificial neurons
    • Learning: optimization, gradient descent
    • Classification of multiple classes
  • Basic terms & tools
    • Loss functions
    • Performance metrics
    • Data partitioning
    • Feature extraction, dimensionality reduction
    • Overfitting and countermeasures
  • Multi-layer neural networks
    • Backpropagation
    • Deep learning
  • Optional
    • GPU-accelerated training in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Deployment of trained networks on embedded hardware
    • Convolutional neural networks
Target audience
  • Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Basic programming skills
Further information
  • After this workshop, you can optionally book one or several coaching days where the trainer focuses on specific challenges you are facing when applying the workshop contents in your day-to-day work. Additionally, you have the chance to specifically deepen individual contents.
  • You will need a notebook for the exercises during the workshop.
  • The workshop is held in German or English. The course material is provided in English.


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