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Hands-on Workshop about Continuous Integration & Deployment

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General Information
2 Days

Methods such as Continuous Integration (CI), test automation and Continuous Deployment, support development of high quality software and are an essential part of modern development methods. A nightly build, however, is sometimes not sufficient in other words: build/deployment pipelines are quickly getting very complex and comprehensive. Often, defining the right scope of a build is also very difficult; long-dated builds, for instance, result in redundant waiting time for developers. This hands-on workshop about Continuous Integration & Deployment, communicates relevant methods and practices for successful application of Continuous Integration & Deployment in your projects.

This workshop is practice-oriented. Over half of it consists of applied exercises on a continuous topic. You will acquire all aspects of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with detailed exercises. To manage the application of communicated content in your company as smooth as possible, we offer exercises for CI solutions such as Jenkins and Team City (further solution on demand). We also offer you the possibility to work with tools adjusted to your organization’s needs. Your team will be able to apply the methods communicated in this workshop in their daily work life.

  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What is Continuous Delivery?
  • What is Continuous Deployment?
  • How do Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment interact?
  • Step by step implementation of build pipelines
  • Dealing with failed builds
  • Variant management
  • Tool support and selection
  • Integration of automated tests
  • Integration of code analyses
  • Integration of Code Reviews
Target audience
  • Software developers, build managers and integrators
  • Experience in software development
Further information
  • After this workshop, you have the opportunity to book several follow-up coaching days, in which the trainer will focus on specific challenges you face when applying the methods acquired in our course. You will have the chance to deepen your understanding of specific contents


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