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Hands-on Workshop about Clean Code

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General Information
2 Days

During development, software is often gradually losing quality and so implementation of new features or changes, becomes increasingly difficult. It becomes difficult to understand the flow of the code and minor changes may increase unsolicited side-effects. However, you can counteract the effects deriving from this phenomenon! This hands-on workshop about Clean Code provides necessary techniques and methods to write coherent, maintainable, extensible and resilient code, to prepare your software for future challenges.

This course is practice-oriented and half of it consists of practical exercises on a consistent topic. You will acquire all aspects of clean code with specific exercises. After this workshop you are able to apply the techniques and methods learned in your daily work life.

  • What is Bad Code?
  • What is Clean Code?
  • The Boy Scout Rule
  • Naming
  • Methods
  • Classification
  • Comments
  • Formatting
  • Objects and data structures
  • Bug fixing
  • Limits on other systems
  • Unit Tests
  • Refactoring
  • SOLID principles
  • Clean Code Developer Grade
Target audience
  • Developers
  • Experience in software development
Further information
  • After this workshop, you have the opportunity to book several follow-up coaching days, in which the trainer will focus on specific challenges you face when applying the methods acquired in our course. You will have the chance to deepen your understanding of specific contents.
  • You will need a laptop for the exercises in this course. We will define the necessary exercise environment with you and all participants of the course.


If you have questions about our training center, feel free to call us!

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