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FTA - Fault Tree Analysis

Categories Safety Relevant Development

General Information
2 Days

This seminar will give you an overview of the wide variety of possible applications of a fault tree analysis (FTA). Their use is primarily required with systems that are highly safety-critical and are classified as ASIL C or D according to ISO 26262, for example.

With logical operations, the FTA can be used to represent and evaluate the complex fault paths or fault trees of a system. Numerous calculation options will be demonstrated, e.g. the failure rate of the TOP event, CFF calculation (ß factor), minimal cut sets, non-availability or downtime importance measures.

  • Introduction to the subject - Foundations of the FTA
  • Objectives and benefits of the FTA
  • Time and effort required, planning, teams, preparation
  • Building blocks of the FTA (qualitative, quantitative)
  • Calculation methods and procedures
  • FTA structure design, taking over error function networks
  • Dealing with software diagnostics with the quantitative FTA
  • Connection to superordinate FTAs and other methods
  • Formation of variants
  • Common cause analysis (ß factor)
  • Knowledge management using FTA
  • Designing a practical example
  • Sharing experience and practical tips
Target audience
  • Future FTA facilitators, project managers, quality managers, development engineers
  • Experience with development projects

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