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FMEDA - Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Coverage Analysis

Categories Safety Relevant Development

As an extension of the failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), the failure modes, effects and diagnostic coverage analysis (FMEDA) provides a proven method for calculating the parameters required by safety standards such as ISO 26262 or IEC 61508.


Theoretical foundations

  • Introduction to the subject - Foundations of the FMEDA
  • Objectives and benefits of the FMEDA
  • Time and effort required, planning, teams, preparation
  • FMEA in correlation with FMEDA
  • Generation of failure rates
  • Component failures (dangerous, not dangerous)
  • Calculation parameters (DC, PFH, PFD, SFF)
  • FMEDA results on the system level (connection to FTA)

Practical exercises and examples

  • Implementation of an FMEDA
  • Dealing with the results
  • Connection using an FTA analysis
  • Presentation of an FMEDA analysis
  • Sharing experience and practical tips
Target audience
  • Future FMEDA facilitators, project managers, quality managers, development engineers
  • Experience with development projects

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Courses 2018/19
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