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Online-Training / 3/6 - 3/8/2023

AUTOSAR in Practical Applications

Categories Systems Engineering, Requirements & Architecture

General Information
3/6 - 3/8/2023
3 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Online Price
€ 1,650.00 per participant, plus VAT

Would you like to use AUTOSAR technology to manage the complexity of software development of advanced motor vehicles, but you don't have the practical experience you need to apply AUTOSAR productively in your development projects?

Then take this seminar and benefit from our expertise. Here, based on a complete, practical example, you will acquire and develop techniques for developing an AUTOSAR compliant system, from AUTOSAR software components to configuring the AUTOSAR basic software (BSW). Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to apply these procedures in your AUTOSAR compliant project.

  • 1st day: Motivation and basic concepts

    • Overview on the AUTOSAR architecture
    • Development methodology
    • Phases in code generation
  • 2nd day: AUTOSAR software components

    • Creating software components
    • Further RTE concepts
    • Configuring and generating the RTE
    • Planning RTE events
  • 3rd day: Configuring the basic software
    • Architecture of the basic software
    • Configuring and generating the RTE and the basic software
    • Integrating the created software components
    • Configuring individual BSW components (NVM, diagnostics, ...)
Target audience
  • Software architects, software developers
  • Experience in software development
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