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Online-Training / 7/1 - 7/2/2024

Automotive SPICE® v3.1 compact

Categories Process Management

General Information
7/1 - 7/2/2024
2 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Online Price
€ 1,350.00 per participant, plus VAT

This course provides you with an overview of the Automotive SPICE® 3.1 processes. Based on practical examples, the Automotive SPICE® model will be introduced from the perspective of a project manager or project employee. You will discuss the problems that can occur in an assessment and how the respective process improvement could look like.

The parts of ISO/IEC 330xx – better known as "SPICE" (successors of ISO/IEC 15504) - are internationally used and accepted standards for assessing and improving system and software development processes. Particularly in the automotive industry, since 2007, Automotive SPICE® has been the preferred process model for implementing assessments.

  • Automotive SPICE® 3.1 Process Assessment Model (PAM) and ISO 330xx
  • Basic procedure in an assessment
  • Advanced information about Automotive SPICE® processes:
    • SYS.1 Requirements Elicitation
    • SYS.2 System Requirement Analysis
    • SYS.3 System Architectural Design
    • SYS.4 System Integration and Integration Test
    • SYS.5 System Qualification Test
    • SWE.1 Software Requirement Analysis
    • SWE.2 Software Architectural Design
    • SWE.3 Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction
    • SWE.4 Software Unit Verification
    • SWE.5 Software Integration and Integration Test
    • SWE.6 Software Qualification Test
    • SUP.1 Quality Assurance
    • SUP.8 Configuration Management
    • SUP.9 Problem Resolution Management
    • SUP.10 Change Request Management
    • MAN.3 Project Management
    • ACQ.4 Supplier Monitoring
  • Bilateral traceability of requirements
  • Interpretation of levels 2-3

The course consists of lectures, exercises and discussions and offers ample opportunity for asking questions and exchanging experiences.

Target audience
  • Developers, test engineers, project managers and other participants in development projects in the automotive domain
  • None
Further information
  • This course is exclusively taught by experienced intacs™ certified Competent and Principal Assessors with extensive experience in the practical implementation of assessments in accordance with Automotive SPICE®.
  • The price of this seminar includes the "Automotive SPICE® v3.1 Pocket Guide" as well as the course material in digital .pdf format.
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