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Automotive SPICE® and Agile – A Joint Approach

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General Information
2 Days

Autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, and other developments in the automotive industry lead to increasingly complex software components. To make this complexity manageable, an agile approach with mature processes is required. Automotive SPICE® is set as a standard in automotive development. Many process improvement projects based on Automotive SPICE® lead to more mature processes.

Agile frameworks contain processes, roles and practices, but they do not exclusively cover the requirements of Automotive SPICE®. This training uses exemplary processes from the process areas of systems and software engineering, management, and supporting processes to show the gaps and address practices to close them.

  • Motivation for an agile development in accordance with Automotive SPICE®
  • Short introduction to Automotive SPICE®
    • Traceability and consistency concept
    • Agile SPICE™
  • Short introduction to agility
    • Values and principles
    • Scrum
    • Frameworks for scaled agility (Scrum-of-Scrums, LeSS, SAFe®)
  • Discussion of typical gaps and pitfalls in the agile approach with regard to Automotive SPICE®
    • Analysis of selected SPICE®-processes in an agile environment
    • Analysis of selected processes on level 2 and 3
Target audience
  • This training is intended for all people who want to develop agile software according to Automotive SPICE®. These are mostly
    • Project Managers
    • Product Managers
    • Product Owners
    • Release Train Engineers
    • Scrum Masters
    • Developers
Your advantage
  • Take away hints and tips for process improvement
  • Generate first process improvements in your context through practical tasks
  • The low number of participants leaves plenty of room for your individual questions and company-specific challenges
  • Knowledge of your own agile approach including roles
  • Basic knowledge of system and software development is of advantage
Further information

Further information about this training:

  • English course materials will be used.
  • The training does not result in an intacs-certification and is not build primarily for assessors
  • 2 days on-site
  • 3 half days online (9am to 3pm)

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