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Automotive SPICE® 3.0 – What’s changed?

Categories Process Management

General Information
1 Day

This course informs you about the changes of the new Automotive SPICE® 3.0 release. You get not only an overview over all changes in form and content, e.g. the division of the engineering processes and the new approach for traceability and consistency, but also about the backgrounds and goals of the new version.

  • Strategy and goals of the new version
  • Milestones for the transition phase from version 2.5 to 3.0
  • Changes in process dimension, e.g.
    • New distribution of engineering processes
    • Differentiation between „Traceability“ and „Consistency“
    • Consistent usage of terms
  • Changes in capability dimension
    • Alignment of capability levels and process attributes in levels 4 and 5
    • Refinement of the rating scale
    • Rating and aggregation
  • Impact on assessments
Target audience
  • Responsible process and quality assurance persons, who shall assure the fulfillment of process assessment models
  • Requirements engineers, developers, test engineers and project managers in automotive projects
  • Knowledge of previous Automotive SPICE® versions is desirable.


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