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Online-Training / 9/23 - 9/25/2020
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Agile Leadership

Categories Project Management & Agile

General Information
9/23 - 9/25/2020
2 Days
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With this training, existing and future executives and project managers learn what will change if they work in an agile manner. The training consists of several online sessions (approx. 30 minutes), two classroom training days and a 45-minute telephone coaching session. In preparation for the classroom training, you can acquire content independently through videos and short texts, so that the trainer can later build on your first previous knowledge. The online units teach you the basics of agile working (culture, values, agile manifesto) as well as leadership and motivation theories. In short tests you can check your level of knowledge.

On both classroom training days, the contents described below will be made tangible through simulations and deepened through guided reflections. The content will be transferred on your special circumstances in your business via exercises that are adapted to the specific situation in your company. Therefore, you will learn many (agile) methods which you can use independently in your company after this training.

The follow-up coaching takes place by telephone approx. three to four weeks after the training. In the meantime, you try first steps to implement the contents of the training in your projects. Since not everything will work right away, this coaching offers you the opportunity to find solutions for difficult situations through self-reflection.


Agile Leader

  • Leadership in the past and today
  • Get to know different leadership styles (e.g., transactional, transformational and ambidextrous) and practices
  • Developing a leadership profile
  • Get to know basic coaching elements
  • Development of an agile mindset
  • Practice Agile Practices

Goals & performance measurement in an agile environment

  • Formulating goals in a motivating way & measuring success
  • Create & successfully implement an action plan


  • Strengthening the WE feeling
  • Strengthening personal responsibility
  • Creating framework conditions for motivated work

Change Management

  • Get to know processes of the culture change
  • Dealing with resistances
  • Creating retrospectives

Distributed Teams

  • Events & leadership of distributed teams
Target audience
  • Further managers, leaders and project manager, who want to work agilely
Your advantage
  • You will have the opportunity to prepare intensively for the training content through online units, so that you can expand your practical skills in the form of simulations, role plays and reflections.
  • An individual telephone coaching offers you the possibility to reflect on your actions and to get further ideas for action.
  • none
Further information
  • Duration: Approx. 30 minutes online sessions plus 2 days classroom training and a follow-up coaching of 45 minutes
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Erlangen, Germany

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