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Christian Lederer

Christian Lederer

The Project Savior

"I hate meaningless activities. The meaningfulness of a task motivates my work."

Christian Lederer heads the Medical Applications team at Method Park. Customers from the medical devices industry in particular rely on his experience as a Consultant and his skills as a Senior Software Engineer when it comes to managing large, international projects.

When working with intercultural teams, even an experienced project manager like Christian Lederer enjoys learning new things. An essential experience for him was what he calls an "extremely interesting" project in Bangalore, India, where he was responsible for the management of the development team, coordination, and the necessary know-how transfer. A project is perfect for him if it also includes regulatory concepts, artificial intelligence, or risk analysis.

In all of this, Christian Lederer can rely on a team of Method Park Engineers who are neither shy nor sensitive but who have great expertise and commitment. They keep his back free for what he likes to do best: accompanying complicated projects, promoting team performance, and strengthening project harmony to lead projects to success ultimately.

In addition to these skills, his technical expertise is often in demand, for instance, in systems and requirements engineering, his know-how on norms and standards, or cloud-based development.

It's good that Christian Lederer has time to collect old microprocessors and, at the same time, shares his knowledge actively with others. Contributions to technical magazines, lectures, student support, his involvement in the Method Park internal training program (CMPE), the working group Software Quality and Training (ASQF e.V.), and his membership in the VDE Institute speak for itself.

His certifications:

  • ISTQB® Certified Tester – Foundation Level
  • IREB® RE@agile Primer
  • iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level
  • ICPMSB Certified Professional for Medical Software
  • Scrum Master

He leads the following courses:

  • IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level
  • RE(@)Agile Primer
  • iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level
  • Safety-Critical Embedded Systems (iSAQB® Advanced Module EMBEDDED)
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